3 Ways To Unclog A Drain

Nothing is worse than something getting stuck in your drain and causing a clog.  A clogged drain is actually one of the largest causes of water damage in homes.

However, clogged drains don’t just cause water damage.  They can also cause severe structural damage to your home’s plumbing system if not immediately removed.

If you have a nasty clog in one of your drains and have no idea how to remove it, consider these three excellent ways to get it unclogged fast!

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# 1
– Chemical Products

Using a commercial drain cleaner is sometimes the fastest way to get a clog out of your pipes. Industrial strength chemical drain cleaners are usually made up of a harsh mix of astringents and acids that burn through a buildup in your drains.

Make sure you read all the directions on the drain cleaner label before using any chemicals. You should also use a heavy-duty rubber glove when applying these products- just to be safe!

# 2
– Plunger

Plungers are a super quick and easy way to unclog your drains. They have been around forever and still work every time. A plunger is made up of a rubber cup that covers the drain opening, with a long handle extending away from it.

To use the plunger, place the rubber cup over the drain and cover it with a heavy amount of water. Then, pump the plunger repeatedly up and down using the handle to create a pressured seal that pushes out any clogs in the drain pipe.

# 3
– Professional Plumber

Hiring plumbing contractors in Katy, TX, is an excellent way to fix clogs that are too large to handle on your own. A professional plumbing contractor will have the tools and skills needed to effectively remove any drain blockage in addition to performing maintenance for any damage caused by the clog.